i’m home- but i went to morocco

Morocco is a unique place. Crowded, noisy, smelly, colorful, full of tea… a little confused. The first two days were a little scary and my friends and I found ourselves too intimated to take pictures. I did manage to get some, but a lot were out of focus. After a getting lost in the Medina to find our hostel on our first day, tuning out the stares and sometimes inappropriate comments from locals the next day, getting used to the call to prayer which can be a little creepy to those who’ve never heard it before, finally on our last few days we found ourselves not wanting to leave.

(hover over the photos to read the captions!)

the initial impression- the taxi from the airport
city gate
entrance to the Medina

my mom sent me this song when I arrived to Marrakech.. not so sure if it really captures the vibe I got from the city but whatev, it’s Nash & Crosby

If you’re wondering what the “big square” is and why I keep putting quotes around it, it’s the main square of the Medina. Every time we wandered outside of this main square and into the winding and confusing roads of the Medina, some local would point us in the direction (sometimes the wrong direction) and say “big square that way”… a lot of times we didn’t listen because we learned that the locals sometimes like to play games with you. I swear there is a secret (or not so secret) network in the Medina, that includes shop owners, little kids playing in the alleys, and young men just walking around, just looking for tourists to swindle money from, and it’s all connected. It’s incredible and a little scary but I guess they do what they gotta do, right?..

These smoothies were sold in a small stand on the side of the street. I have no idea what’s in them, a bunch of different fruit and some dairy product, but they’re soo good. At night before they closed, there was always a huge crowd waiting to get one.

The pic above is a little blurry, I know, but it’s a nice summary of Marrakesh for me.


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