Adi Gosselin



To inspire and be inspired.

Californian living in San Sebastián, Spain.

If I make you a trivial promise like : “Sure, I’ll make you a scarf for your birthday”, it probably won’t happen because im not good with deadlines (except with school and work, of course) and I wouldn’t have the urgency to think something material like a scarf would ruin our friendship.. if I promise “I’ll be here if you need to talk, or sit, or walk,” you bet your ass I’ll be there. Also I’m a terrible actress. I think it’s ok to be cliché sometimes.

I like old stuff, rain, avocados, googling things, saxophones, acoustic guitar, Bob Dylan, string lights, analyzing people/literature/art/life, and traveling.

Sometimes I don’t know how to react to overly bubbly people.

All photos by me


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